Welcome to Empty Nest Guests

Hello! Welcome! I’m so excited that you are here, sharing your valuable time.

I imagine you friends on the other side of the screen, sipping something you enjoy.

Empty-nesting is a serendipitously special, intrinsically interesting, and continuously challenging new phase of life, isn’t it?

I’m sure enjoying it and LOVE podcasting. I hope you have found my podcast. It’s on Spotify, Anchor, Google, Apple and other platforms. Check it out here: ‎Empty Nest Guests on Apple Podcasts

For more about me and other passions, click here: Charlotte Guest.

I’ve been praying about my purpose for a while now and, honestly, podcasting & writing this blog is something I feel I am supposed to do.
I’m excited about it and feel called to write. Lately, I have been asking God a few questions:

– What am I supposed to be doing?

How do I do it?

Are you asking the same ones?
They are big questions, aren’t they?

It’s my heart’s desire that the podcast & blog, first and foremost, encourage others to lean on and into the Lord.

I also want the podcast and blog both to be places that remind you “Whose you are” and help you remember “who you are.” My hope is to uplift and encourage other empty nesters as I have been encouraged and to be a reminder to embrace this time of life.

I’m passionate about that and am excited to do it!

My faith, family and friends are my greatest blessings. Life is better when lived together. Besides podcasting and blogging, I especially love serving with our family dog, Fitz, as a therapy dog team. We visit schools, libraries and a hospice facility. I’m learning to play golf and am enjoying painting (acrylic mainly). My husband and I love marriage mentoring couples together and we love our life group with some special, authentic people.

I have an accountability partner who keeps me sane and dear friends who enrich my life. I love book club, listening to audible books, and the familiar Friday “at home” nights with my husband. I love traveling, especially to see our children and parents, and I value learning from them and exploring other spaces and places in this big, beautiful world.

Love God & Live Free is the mission statement of my favorite ministry: Wild at Heart. I share much from them often. I so believe if I love God, lean in to Him and give Him this phase of life, He truly will direct my steps. He’ll do it for you, too.

These days, mostly I’m learning that I truly DO want to love God, live free and do what He asks me to do.

Ever wonder why are you living and what are you doing in this particular time in history?

The answer is:
Because you are needed here now.”

You ARE needed. God needs you here and now to carry out the purposes He has for your life…even in (perhaps especially in) this empty-nesting phase of life.

It’s SO uplifting and encouraging for to me to think “I am needed NOW.” I do believe there is great purpose in this phase.

Let’s embrace it!

Today, PLEASE remember – Whose you are, Who you are, that you matter and that you are so desperately needed now.

I feel more than blessed and am thankful to have the time to write and share what I believe God wants me to say. 
Thanks again for sharing your time with me.

“God himself has prepared us for this, and as a guarantee he has given us His Holy Spirit.”
‭‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭5:5‬ ‭NLT