Lessons Learned from St. Patrick

I’m so grateful a friend wished me happy St. Patrick’s Day. The day might’ve just slipped right on by as I continue to flip back-and-forth between news channels learning about hourly updates regarding the coronavirus pandemic. Inspired by my friend’s text, (thanks Joan) I found a few readings about the life of Saint Patrick and especially appreciate a blog by Kelsey McCain from 2019. Here’s what we can learn from this great saint:


McCain reminds us that St. Patrick was an English priest who, after being kidnapped at age 16, was held as a slave in Ireland, escaped home to England only to hear God calling him to go back and share the gospel with his former captors. He didn’t just forgive his captors, he prayed for them, chose to love them And saw them as brothers and sisters in Christ who needed to hear about Jesus. Today, Let’s forgive someone.

Perseverance & Faith

Saint Patrick spent most of his life persevering. As a young slave, he held onto the hope and promise of Christ. After he escaped, he chose to return to Ireland to share Christ with his captors. St. Patrick said: “Daily I expect murder, fraud, or captivity but I fear none of these things because of the promise of heaven.” May we not give in to fear. We, too, have the promise of heaven. Today, may we persevere & have faith.

Calling Over Comfort

Despite his calling, backed by even a heavenly vision from the Lord, St. Patrick was insecure because of his education level. He was self conscious and said “ I am unable to explain my mind to learned people.” Yet, choosing calling over comfort, St. Patrick obeyed God and started one of the largest church multiplication movements in history. Where God calls you, He will equip you. During these uncertain pandemic days, ask the Lord, “what’s my calling?” We have more opportunities to “Be still and know.” (Psalm 46:10) He will tell you as you lean in to hear His voice. Today, may we choose calling over comfort.

We’re Better Together

Rather than “go it alone” getting overwhelmed and exhausted by work, Saint Patrick chose to travel in a team and relied on others. He knew that having an extra support system was imperative to his mission. We all need a team. During this difficult time in history, family, friends, neighbors & community keep us connected. For those living alone, connectivity is critical. During this period of “social distancing,” we can encourage through texts, phone calls and FaceTime. We can take groceries to those who need them, drop off supplies and share what we have. We can pray for Team USA and all our leaders (in our own country and throughout the world). We can pray for those on the front lines, those sick and infected. We can encourage the faithless with our friendship and faith. We’re all in this together. Today, may we connect and support each other.

Yes You Can

The story of Saint Patrick is a blessing for all of us. May his life be a reminder for us to forgive others, to persevere and choose calling over comfort and support others well.
Today, we can make a difference, right where we are. Just like Saint Patrick, we live in uncertain times. The only thing certain is the promise of eternity for those who believe. May we cling to the words of St. Patrick as we honor his life and ministry today: “…I fear none of these things because of the promise of heaven.”

“…but perfect love drives out fear…” 1 John 4:18

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