2021 – A New Year, Passions & Purpose

A New Year is a wonderful time to begin many things and return to things you love. I’m returning to this blog, the first blog entry in a while.

2020 was full of many things but mainly Covid, cautions that come with an unprecedented pandemic and, for me and many others last year, many things seemed to stand still.

I learned at the end of last year, after much time to ponder, that much of what I feel led to do begins with the letter P.

Peace, Prayer, People, a Podcast, Painting & Puppies.

I clung tight to prayer & my faith and certainly tried to keep the peace in 2020…and stay positive (another great P word). Being in the midst of this continuing, strange pandemic is just awful.

As I write today, it’s hitting closer to home as we have lost some we know and love. Our thoughts are with many who are mourning those they love and others who are fighting on.

I will forever remember going to Arizona in the beginning of Covid last year to meet our youngest daughter who needed to get out of Los Angeles. The pandemic swept through there in a fury and shut LA down before it hit other parts of the country. It’s still shut down and I admire our daughter as she maintains positivity and pursues her education, still out there, online.

In 2020, Cambri and I stayed in the Scottsdale area for eight days. Flying to and from Tulsa was so strange as hardly anyone was on the airplanes.

So many planes were grounded and I realized then that so much of what I love to do in life was grounded as well. A lot of my passions were grounded. The days all ran together and malaise and heaviness was everywhere. It still is as Covid lingers.

Thankfully, devotional readings and staying grounded in the word kept (and still keep) hope alive for me. I realize that desperate times to call for desperate measures and positivity. I want to be an ambassador of joy and peace and hope in the midst of the pandemic and always.

I read of others in the Bible who continued to press on knowing that the Lord was using them to be a positive influence. People like Esther, Paul, and all of the disciples knew their purposes and, despite hardships, pressed on with their passions. Mainly, the passion of Christ.

Christ is my number one passion too (a great P word) and secondly my family. My friends and the hobbies and things I love follow behind.

Last year, as I found myself home more, digging into the word and praying I did become encouraged. This time led me to have a new love in a different way for the passions I have enjoyed for a long time. I am painting more and learned of a way to use that gift to bless others by painting for “causes”. Now, I paint and share my gifts. Those who commission me donate to a charity. My podcast, Empty Nest Guests was born and has been such a blessing, offering hope to others in the encore years. I have learned so much from some amazing people.

Find this podcast on Spotify, Podcasts and other platforms. Thanks for listening! 🌻

Much was put on hold for me in the “puppies” world with my therapy dog work but, we got a new puppy, named Pearl and she has taught us so much.

I mainly have learned patience (a great and hard P word) and what childlike faith looks like through her playful offerings snd stubborn spirit…so reminiscent of my own early walk as a Christian.

As I watched our puppy grow and mature and learn from working with me and my husband several times a day, I have certainly seen the value of discipline and the rewards of training. Isn’t that true in our own lives?

I laid this blog down for a while last year which gave birth to other purposes and passions. I decided it was time to pick it back up though and will use this venue to summarize notes from others who have been such a blessing on the podcast. One thing I know for sure is I have been blessed tremendously from others during this time.

I appreciate you following this blog and hope that this coming year will be a blessing for you and yours. I hope to share some things I’ve learned from some really great people and wish you a healthy and hopeful 2021.

As you ponder a new year, a new word or phrase perhaps, may the Lord reveal your purposes to you.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Matth. 7:7

I believe the Lord is desiring for all of us to ask Him what we are to do during these very strange days. Lean in to Him, ponder your purposes and embrace your passions and the people around you.

Stay tuned here, on this blog, for encouragement each month from others, who’ve appeared on Empty Nest Guests. I look so forward to sharing their wisdom with you!

Until then, enjoy this great advice from my favorite coffee mug of the moment:”God is using you to SHINE His love, SHARE his love & to SHAPE His people.

“God is able to make all grace abound to you so that in all things at all times having all that you need you will abound in every good word.” 2 Corinth. 9:8

Here’s to 2021 and finding purpose, passions and learning from great people.

Happy 2021 from my family to yours.
Stay healthy & hopeful!